Welcome Writers.

'the writers HUB' is a California-based program founded and operated by Hailey Myers in the hope of providing writers with a firm understanding of their unique craft

If you're here, it's because you have finally decided to take the leap and write your novel. Maybe you know exactly what that novel is going to entail, or maybe you're here to find out. Either way, welcome writer.

My name is Hailey Myers, and I am here to help you achive the ultimate goal - writing 50,000+ words. It may seem unreachable and intimadating at first, and that's why I created the Five-Steps-to-a-Novel-Program.

Step one will teach you how to create vivid believable characters to carry your manuscript toward it's ultimate end goal.

Step Two will focus on plot of your novel, possibly the most important element, and will include a helpful basic outline template.

Step Three will assist you in chosing your setting according to what your own story needs and help you to understand why it's important.

Step Four will give tips on how to actually write and edit, now that you've prepared and are finally ready.

And, finally, Step Five is essentially the 'what now?' step. It will provide you with the information to know what to do when your novel is completed at last.

Step One: Character
Step Two: Plot
Step Three: Setting
Step Four: Writing & Editing
Step Five: Publication

To read the articles for each step, just click on one of these links. Good luck, writer!