Rosehurst Publishing

Beth Hale


Here at Rosehurst Publishing, it is hard to imagine what our office would look like without Beth. To be honest, we would all probably burn to death within the first hour. Mrs. Hale has been loyal from the begining. We love you Beth!

Daniel Green

Director of Tech-Related Marketing

Daniel's long title is nothing compaired to the amount of work he does for this company. Daniel runs all of our social media profiles, making sure that the public knows about us. He also codded the very website you are browsing through right now!

Julia Schyler

Artistic Director

All of the breath-taking book covers/sleeves here at RP were either designed or approved by the gorgeously talented Miss. Schyler. We discovered her by way of her Instagram account, and are proud to call her our own!

Ben North

Head Editor

Even the best of authors can make the worst of typos and grammatical errors. That's why we have Ben! He edits and over-sees everyone elses editing to ensure clean reading for the clients.